Quiero acompañarte en tu camino espiritual ,quiero que llegues a un nivel más alto de tu estado de ser. Logremos juntos una mejor versión. Las terapias con las que trabajaremos, lograrán una revolución en tu ser


As a law student in her native Colombia, Madam Equiss' path toward spiritual work was sparked by her own healing process.  A severe and acute medical condition caused her to seek professional help but no doctor could identify the problem, let alone resolve it.  Despite her strong faith in God and her church, those channels offered no real answers either.  

She sought out other approaches and discovered substantial help through various methods outside of the box.  Her process of exploration also led her to experience world-renowned individual among others.  Of everything she tried, Theta Healing provided the most complete and thorough results and virtually rid her of the condition completely.

But this was only the beginning of her journey.  She became a student of the most powerful approaches she had found and realized that she possessed a natural talent for this kind of work.  This was the gift or “don” as they say in Spanish that she had been seeking her whole life.

Currently, she is certified as a Mastering the Masters Level Practitioner of Sacred Activations, an Advanced Teacher of Theta and a Master Level Instructor/Practitioner of IET and studied directly with the founders of SA, Tamra Oviatt, and Theta, Vianna Stibal. 


Session Details

Spiritual Therapies are typically 1 hour in length at the rate of $150/hr.  They are either remotely by phone or video conference or in person.  Email Madam Equiss today to reschedule your session! 

Ceremonial Breathwork 

Breathwork is done either by individual appointment at $150/hr or in groups by special request and varying rates.

Ceremonies are done on the floor using mats and blankets and incorporate high vibrational music, breathing, and Energy Work.


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