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Sun, Nov 24 | Valley Village

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Meet Madam Equiss

Madam Equiss is a spiritual therapist born in Colombia, certified as a teacher and instructor in the advanced levels of 4 unique and powerful healing modalities. She is currently introducing the practice of the Yoni Egg and all her spiritual therapies in Colombia.

As a law student in her native Colombia, Madam Equiss' path toward spiritual work was sparked by her own healing process. A severe and acute medical condition caused her to seek professional help but no doctor could identify the problem, let alone resolve it. Despite her strong faith in God and her church, those channels offered no real answers either.

She sought out other approaches and discovered substantial help through various methods outside of the box. Her process of exploration also led her to experience world-renowned individual among others. Of 

everything she tried, Theta Healing provided the most complete and thorough results and virtually rid her of the condition completely.

But this was only the beginning of her journey. She became a student of the most powerful approaches she had found and realized that she possessed a natural talent for this kind of work. This was the gift or “don” as they say in Spanish that she had been seeking her whole life.

Currently, she is certified as Teacher of Practitioner and Master Practitioner level of Sacred Activations (SA), Teacher of Basic and Advance level of ThetaHealing, Master Level Instructor of Integrated Energy Therapy (IET), a pioner sharing the knoledge about the Yoni Egg practice in Colombia, and Conscious Breathwork guide. She studied directly with the founders of SA, Tamra Oviatt, and ThetaHealing, Vianna Stibal.


  • Lasting Change and Deep Healing
  • Peace of Mind
  • Freedom from Fear and Blockages
  • Improved Relationships
  • Confidence
  • Clarity and Understanding
  • Enhanced Beauty
  • Career Success
  • Living your Life's Path
  • Awakening to your Greater Purpose
  • Liberation from Pain and Suffering
  • Works with Creator and Angelic Energies
  • Easily changes Subconscious Beliefs at the root of the issues
  • Incorporates Breathing Techniques to process and open on deep somatic levels
  • Addresses Ancestral, Past Life influences and more
  • Resolves Conflicts on Physical, Emotional, Mental, Energetic, and Spiritual levels


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